GAC Pindar has joined forces with the MarineShift360 international collaboration to develop the first Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool to help the recreational and performance yachting world reduce its use of resources and cut waste, pollution and carbon emissions. The strategic partnership brings together MarineShift360’s expertise in systems driving the shift towards a circular economy and GAC Pindar’s insight and understanding of the recreational marine sector.

Consumer demand and expected changes to legislation are driving the marine industry to seek ways to move into closed-loop product design and away from the ‘take-make-waste’ approach.

GAC Pindar is helping MarineShift360 develop an LCA tool to help the industry identify and understand how to make environmental and economic savings. It quantifies the environmental effects of a product’s full life cycle, enabling users to make informed decisions at the design stage to mitigate their impact on the environment. Its Founding Sponsor is 11th Hour Racing, an international organisation that harnesses the power of sport to innovate change for the health of our oceans.

GAC Pindar joins ten other Pilot Partners with which MarineShift360 is working to tailor their tool to the specific needs of marine businesses. They are providing important data related to the complex transportation of equipment all over the world for some of yachting’s biggest events including the Volvo Ocean Race and the latest series in supercharged fast-flying F50 catamarans. Their in-depth understanding of the planning and execution of logistics support for premier sailing events brings valuable additional expertise to the table.

Jeremy Troughton, GAC Pindar’s General Manager, says: “We are excited about working with 11th Hour Racing and Pilot Partners to develop a tool which can be used to guide the industry to a more sustainable future. More and more of our customers are seeking greener logistics solutions and there is much we can do in the short term, such as consolidating shipments, using greener shipping lines and making smarter routing decisions earlier in the planning process.”

The LCA tool will also enable GAC Pindar to identify where real, measurable reductions can be made in fossil fuel consumption and packing materials. As well as developing sustainable transportation solutions for marine equipment that go beyond carbon offsetting, GAC Pindar aspires to ensure best sustainable practices are applied throughout its supply chains.