We are here to demystify the freight forwarding process and have pulled together some helpful information for you.

Got something to ship?

Then we will need a packing list or commercial invoice. Download our helpful template here.

EORI numbers

These are essential for doing business outside the UK – register for a UK Economic Operator Registration and Identification number and find out more here.

Commodity codes

These numeric descriptions are used to identify what type of product you are shipping and are entered into your customs declaration. It’s important to get it right. The full list of UK Trade Tariffs according to commodity code can be found here.

What are INCOTERMS®?

INCOTERMS® dictate who pays for what in a transaction – when you buy a product, you often hear the term “ex-works” which means you pay everything from collection from the factory onwards – but there are many more! Ensure contracts refer to INCOTERMS®. Read more here.

Ask the Experts – What is an ATA Carnet?

Catch up with Operations guru, Martin Molloy, as he talks all things Carnet related. With 147 ATA Carnet’s required to move the Volvo Ocean Race infrastructure around the world Martin knows a thing or two about these passports for goods. Read his guide here.

Which countries accept ATA Carnets?

A list of the 70 countries currently part of the Customs Convention on the ATA Carnet can be found here.

Ask the Experts – Dangerous Goods

Shipping lines and airlines often consider products to be dangerous goods, that the average person might not consider – so it’s important to ensure you follow the rules. Our Operations Team explain more here.


Neil Cox – Technical Director, The Ocean Race

“It was once again a genuine pleasure and reassurance to have GAC Pindar working alongside us as our logistics partner for this latest edition of The Ocean Race.

Never before has the race been more logistically challenging, requiring a high level of attention to detail in all the pre-race planning and needing to tap into the depth of experience and knowledge that the GAC Pindar team brings to the table. This helped us with all the dynamic situations that only a race like ours can generate for both ourselves and the teams.

I know I speak on behalf of all the teams and the entire race organisation when I say we could not have done this without ‘the next level’ support we got from the entire GAC team that came with us on this latest great adventure.”

Neil Cox
Technical Director, The Ocean Race

Mitch Booth

“GAC Pindar is known worldwide for their involvement in the sport of sailing with a deep understanding of yachts and equipment. They are the natural choice when it comes to shipping sailboats and provided us with the perfect solution to deliver Comanche to Europe”

Mitch Booth
Skipper, SY Comanche

GC32 Class Manager

“We are very happy to be able to count on GAC Pindar as the official shipping and logistics provider of the GC32 Racing Tour. They provide us and our participating teams with a solid, professional and reliable logistic service.”

Christian Scherrer
GC32 Class Manager


“GAC looked after EKS’ logistics requirements on the FIA WRX championship for 2 years. During this time, we found them to be helpful, knowledgeable, passionate and professional. From the works supercars to any small part, they regarded them with equal importance. We highly recommend them in the pressured world of motorsports logistics”.

Klas Boman

Marketing Communications Fleet Manager at Spark44

“Working in partnership with GAC allowed us to deliver our cars into China safely and on time. Communication was excellent and allowed us to track every step of the journey. Thanks to the support of GAC and their local teams we overcame many challenges and a grateful to them for helping to make the Dragon Challenge the huge success it has been.”

Rebecca Albright
Marketing Communications Fleet Manager at Spark44

Director of production, Realise Communication Sweden AB for Volvo Pavilion build, VOR 17-18

“We had great support from the team from GAC during the delivery of the Volvo Ocean Race. With a very tight schedule and limited space in the race-village to handle material, the containers and machinery need to be delivered exactly on time – GAC managed this challenge in an excellent way.”

Joakim Valfridsson
Director of production, Realise Communication Sweden AB for Volvo Pavilion build, VOR 17-18

Skipper – Concise 10, MOD70

“We have highlighted the vessel monitoring service to our insurance provider which has recognised it as a solid addition to our crisis management planning. Beyond this, the support and logistics services provided by GAC Pindar, especially while we are at sea, far surpass anything else on offer in the market today.”

Ned Collier Wakefield
Skipper – Concise 10, MOD70

Fédération Française de Voile

“GAC Pindar provided the French Sailing Team with competitive rates and the whole process went extremely smoothly: bringing together needs of other sailing federations and completing operations without any delays. I strongly advise others that they consider GAC Pindar.”

Lionel Cottin
Fédération Française de Voile

8th Dimension Performance Sailing

“I set high targets with our project to have eight Dragons sailing around Europe for charters, clinics and private events. For us, the fact that we could count on GAC Pindar’s experience and capacity to start moving our boats was a key element and allowed us to focus on the commercial and financial side of our start-up company. The process of delivering our boats from the UK to Portugal was very smooth and accurate, allowing us to start with our schedule with no issues. We are looking forward to continuing to work with GAC Pindar in the years to come and provide quality sailing to the lovers of our sport.”

Pedro Andrade
8th Dimension Performance Sailing

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