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Monday 12th July, 2021

It has been a weekend of disappointment for many, but in sport, there is always a winner and being able to show true sportsmanship in all outcomes is something that has to be learned. Klara Wester’s team may not have made it through to the final of the Nordea Women’s Trophy, held in Marstrand on Saturday but she’s a winner in our eyes.

Klara explains that after seven races held last Thursday, 9th July, Team GAC Pindar had qualified for the semi-finals scheduled for Saturday, two days later. However, on-shore the race committee received a protest from a team wishing to re-sail the last race as they had come into contact with a rock that was not marked on the racecourse. The race committee abandoned the last race which altered the overall results and Klara’s team was no longer through to the semi-finals.

Speaking this morning, Klara said; “This was a massive disappointment, especially as we were on the same points. After a day of light and shifty breeze where we had to fight for every metre and where the boat speed wasn’t a weapon, we were frustrated with our performance and, to put it simply, the other girls did it better.”

“In these circumstances, it is important to understand that this is a game I’ve decided to be a part of and you can always learn from these things. Setbacks are there for a reason and you can either choose to learn from it or lose from it. It is crucial to see the situation in a wider perspective and ask yourself what actually went wrong and was it something I could have done better. I honestly struggle to pick myself up sometimes; I have so much passion for this sport and I love and live it every day. I work hard to achieve my goals and when I do not reach them it is hard. However, you can always choose to become a better athlete and person, both after success and setbacks – that is when the growth comes. For some people it takes time and for some people, it doesn’t.”

“Hopefully we’ll get the chance to do this event again next year. Overall we had a lot of fun, meeting the GAC team from Sweden and Denmark where they had a bunch of guests coming to Marstrand on Friday. We enjoyed spending time with them for the whole day, watching the racing together. We loved flying the GAC flag from shore and having lots of good conversations.”

Over in Porto Cervo, Emily Nagel’s all-female team had another busy day sailing the Persico 69F on Saturday and sent us this video of thanks, adding; “We went into the regatta with only two days training, having never met each other nor sailed the boats. We were up against teams that had been racing them for a year already. The first few races were really tough. We were in the mix with the other teams but boat handling mistakes lost us vital points. I’m super proud of the hard work my crew put in and by the final two races I remembered how to do reaching starts. The mechanics on board came together and we scored a third in the final race, moving us up to sixth overall.”

“As a team, we really enjoyed the racing; Persico has developed a boat that is not only technical but also very accessible for us. As three women, we never felt at a disadvantage because of our size, only due to our lack of time in the boats. The racing was well run, with the race committee always making the most out of the wind. Despite the conditions, we were still able to smash in eight races on the final day. Thanks again to all the sponsors for making this happen; I hope I am lucky enough to get back out racing the 69F again in the future – if only to prove that the third wasn’t just beginners luck.”

Thursday 9th July, 2021 – evening update

It’s been a testing day for our two teams out on the waters of Marstrand and Porto Cervo. Klara Wester’s all-female team, racing in the Far East 28s, had a great morning with a good breeze, but said they struggled with their starting strategies, as the wind died in the afternoon. Giving away a few key points, they finished in 6th place. Overall it was an amazing day in Marstrand with a great crowd supporting the sailing, which created a fantastic atmosphere. They can’t wait to do it again.

Emily Nagel was proud of Team Magenta’s efforts in Porto Cervo on a day that saw racing start in a gentle 6-8 knot breeze before it died and then filled in and built to a healthy 16-20 knots for Race 2. The team was in the mix on the start line for Race 1 but report they had issues with the kite drop at the final mark of the race. The girls did well to recover from an unfortunate capsize at the five-minute gun for Race 2 but managed to get back up just before the start. The team sailed their Persico 69F well on the first reach and got into the mix with the boys. There wasn’t much space on the downwind leg forcing teams to do more gybes and the girls made some real gains here, getting ahead of some of the other boats.

However, on the final reach, Young Azzura capsized ahead of Magenta allowing Flying Nikka to come from behind. They managed to get below Emily’s team, preventing them from bearing away in the gusts. Magenta was hit by a huge gust and when the wing dragged into the water two of the crew went for a swim and the boat capsized. The team received outside assistance requiring them to retire from the race.

So Emily was really pleased with how they managed the tricky conditions but was disappointed with the overall results. Fingers crossed conditions are kinder on Saturday.

Thursday 8th July, 2021

Klara’s team were out for a sunset sail yesterday, practicing ahead of the sprint racing in Marstrand today. They even had time to send us this message for Emily Nagel whose team is also racing today over in Porto Cervo. We’re supporting these all-female teams in a bid to advance equal opportunities for women in sailing. Follow the latest videos and images hot off the racecourse over on our Instagram page.

Wednesday 7th July, 2021

We’re excited to announce that we are joining forces with The Magenta Project once more this week to support another all-female sailing team. Ocean Race sailor Emily Nagel (UK/Bermuda), Mikaela Wulff (Finland), Eugenia Bosco (Spain) and Maelle Frascari (Italy) are in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, training for the 2nd Grand Prix of the Persico 69F Cup. Racing starts on Thursday 8th July and you can follow their progress right here and on our social pages. Read the full press release here.

Check out Emily’s good luck message to GAC Pindar’s Match Cup Marstrand skipper, Klara Wester here.

1 Klara Wester will skipper the all-female team in the GKSS Marstrand Match Cup this monthTuesday 6th July, 2021

Meet the team for GKSS Match Cup Marstrand 2021

Klara Wester, 26 (Skipper)
Rebecca Netzler, 26
Beata Törneman , 27
Ida Svensson, 24
Julia Carlsson, 26

We caught up with the girls and asked them some of their thoughts on the current state of sailing.

Klara Wester, 26

What is your favourite place to sail? My favourite place to sail is actually Marstrand. I’ve had too many good sessions out on the water fighting for my life trying to tame the not so trustworthy 49er FX (in the early days) to not make it my favourite place.

What is your most memorable sailing experience? This was when Rebecca and I took bronze in the World Cup in Japan. Not particularly the medal makes it so enjoyable, I just love the vibe in Enoshima and the person I became there. Sailing there is fantastic.

What do you like to do in your spare time? When I’m not sailing I’m spending time with my family. I love being at my summerhouse at Tjörn. I’ve got a little yacht together with my fiancé and that’s my mindfulness zone.

What do you think about women in sailing? Women in sailing inspire me, they push me to reach my next level and I love being driven by the badass athletes in this sport.

Have you ever experienced gender discrimination within the sport? I believe that women do get discriminated in sailing but personally I experience a good amount of respect from my surroundings. Although I think discrimination is a big issue in some of the bigger, elite events.

What’s your dream wish for the future of sailing? My dream wish for the future of sailing is that we can continue on the path we’re on right now. Creating good content for the fans, making it possible for anyone to sail and keep pushing for the Olympic classes to stay as they are to make it possible for anyone, big or small, girl or boy, with good or bad finance, to make their dreams come true.

Rebecca Netzler, 26

What is your favourite place to sail? I love sailing in Palma. I really enjoy the blue and clear water there. We’re usually going there in the spring, and after a dark winter in the north that’s all you could ever ask for.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I’ve recently got into wing foiling which I really enjoy at the moment.

What do you think about women in sailing? I think it would be cool if women would have a definite role because of their knowledge in the sport and not just to be a passenger, looking good for the media.

Beata Törneman, 27

What is your favourite place to sail? I love sailing in the Caribbean because of the blue water, heat and the people are so chilled.

What is your most memorable sailing experience? This has to be from way back in the days when I sailed the open worlds in Brazil.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Outside sailing, I’m trying to learn how to kite. Otherwise I love skiing, cruising on my yacht or hanging out with my friends.

What do you think about women in sailing? I think there are a lot of cool women in this sport, like Dee Caffari who created the young Ocean Race team with the focus on taking care of the ocean.

Have you ever experienced gender discrimination within the sport? I generally think that people assume women are worse than men in sailing, we actually don’t even get the chance to prove it wrong.

What’s your dream wish for the future of sailing? My dream wish for the future of sailing is that they will bring match racing back into the Olympic programme.

Ida Svensson, 24

What is your favourite place to sail? I love training in Lanzarote in the winter.

What is your most memorable sailing experience? This was when I sailed the Nacra 17 the first time and everything was going at such high speed (10 knots of wind) so we had to hide behind a mountain to slow down.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I love sailing all sorts of different boats and other water sports like swimming, paddling and I just started SUPing. Otherwise I like spending time with my family, friends and cooking food.

What do you think about women in sailing? Sailing provides so many amazing role models in all categories!

Have you ever experienced gender discrimination within the sport? I have experienced discrimination because I am a girl in sailing.

Julia Carlsson, 26

What is your favourite place to sail? My favourite location to sail is Lake Garda. It’s always good conditions and you get to finish your day with pizza, pasta and gelato and a good glass of red wine.

What is your most memorable sailing experience? I’m still living on my old results in the good old days when I won the junior ISAF worlds.

What do you like to do in your spare time? When I’m not sailing I’m taking care of my dog and cooking lots of good food.

What do you think about women in sailing? I really enjoy seeing women take their place in the men’s fleets. There are so many good opportunities if you really go for it.

Have you ever experienced gender discrimination within the sport? I haven’t felt discriminated in sailing, I’ve beefed too many boys to feel discriminated. But I do know that people tend to say that girls are not fit or good enough to participate in a competition. It would be a good idea to put the smart girls in roles that don’t require 110% testosterone and it would be cool to see another female skipper in The Ocean Race, or make it a first for the America’s Cup or Sail GP.